Green Audit Committee

Green audit is a process of systematic identification, quantification, recording, reporting, and analysis of components of environmental diversity of various establishments. The committee focused on Material issues
pertaining to the university which have the highest influence on the Green Attributes of the University. Following
are the objectives of RIMT – Green Audit Committee (RGAC).

  1. To conduct the baseline survey to know the real status of green practices and accordingly to develop a green policy (vision document) and framework for the University.
  2. To evaluate the current practices which can have an impact on environment such as resource utilization, waste management, water management, energy conservation, and Floral & Faunal diversity in university.
  3. To increase environmental consciousness throughout the campus among all the stakeholders.
  4. To give the direction to work on some local environmental issues through motivating staff as well as students to optimize sustainable use of available natural resources.

Green Audit Committee

Ar. Vijay ChristropherSchool of Architecture
Dr. Sandeep SinglaDepartment of Civil Engineering 
Dr. Satish SainiDepartment of Electrical Engineering
Mr. Deepak VermaDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Ms. Amandeep KaurEstate Officer Maintenance
Er. Amrinder Sing PannuDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Rahat AshrafSchool of Agriculture

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