Our Values

Every single thing that has been materialized in the world started as a dream. When supported with a strong value-system and consistent efforts, those dreams start to take wings.

Since the day of its inception, RIMT has lived by these values, and has now grown into a well-reputed group of institutions. We believe in instilling these values into moral fiber of our students as well. It is a combination of outstanding education, customized attention, and positive guidance, which ensures that our students achieve heights of success not just professionally, but also as future pillars of society.

We believe in:

  • High standards of quality in everything we do.
  • Exceeding the expectations of stakeholders, promoting trust, respect and integrity in all our relationships/dealings.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation in various spheres to facilitate change.
  • Preserving and protecting the environment through responsible use/consumption of resources.
  • Building a high performing, diverse and responsible work force.

It takes a sublime vision, subtle thought-process and farsightedness to show the right path to people. RIMT dreams of a world brimming with the eternal light of knowledge, and realizes it in the form of global education. RIMT not only redefines education, it assigns different connotation to professionalism and entrepreneurship with remarkable outlook towards life.

RIMT is driven by a set of values and follows it as a mission:


It is the relentless dedication to service that distinguishes RIMT as a premium hub of learning


Taken in its literal terms as ‘the best policy’ for ceaseless growth, RIMT places ‘honesty’ as one of its cornerstones. From imparting global education, to offering most ideal facilities to students, to hiring the most genuine educators and professionals, RIMT offers it all.


It’s a mandatory feature for an organization to step up its prestige in the global arena. RIMT imbibes quality as an integral part of its system that takes education a step further beyond books and classrooms. And surely this is the reason why RIMTians do well in their respective careers, even long after they have graduated.


We are one of the most preferable choices in the world of education, as we offer all-round development for students, theoretically as well as practically. We perceive and provide education with an edge, thus engaging our students to expand their knowledge-base way beyond expectations.


We act in accordance with the highest moral and ethical standards – personally, professionally, and academically. We dedicate ourselves to honesty, sincerity, accountability, and truth, and continuously endeavouring to earn the trust placed in us by students and colleagues.


We discover and develop new ideas, programmes, and methodologies that are both innovative and imaginative. We create unique formats for lifelong learning that meet the evolving needs of our students.

Working Environment

We build close, co-operative working relationships within and among individual departments, with our campus partners, and with the local and global communities we serve. We help students, instructors, and staff, define and attain their personal, professional, and academic goals. We provide exceptional access and support for those we serve as well as for one another.


We demonstrate a high degree of proficiency, knowledge, commitment, and expertise in all that we do. We create and nurture a close-knit organizational culture that is diverse, inclusive, welcoming, connected to the communities we serve, and marked by both a sense of purpose and a sense of joy.