Our Strength

RIMT has become a progressive hub of education for students seeking higher education in various disciplines. Recognized as a melting pot of various cultures from around the world, RIMT provides a tranquil haven for knowledge-exchange. In addition to regular classroom education, we also prepare our students for their lifetime, by keeping in mind the unseen challenges which life might throw at them.

RIMT offers a variety of resources based on individual strengths of students. The academic faculty and staff also facilitate time-to-time consultation, certification, and leadership development programs for further development and growth. As a part of our endeavour further the leadership qualities in learners, RIMT constantly strives to further the research and dissemination of teaching, learning, and leading with a difference.


RIMT provides a global infrastructure furnished with all the extravagance and necessities essential to make education enjoyable for new-age learners. Inspired by some of the most stupendous architectural legacies, RIMT’s infrastructure is blissful combination of space, facilities, architecture, landscape and lots of greenery.


Our team of veteran educators and competent pedagogues elevate the caliber of coaching to new heights at RIMT. Our diverse and well-experienced faculty members are highly versed in their respective subjects. In order to keep up with the new generation, they are also constantly updated about new-age teaching methodologies through various workshops and seminars.

Extra Curricular Activities

RIMT lays special emphasis on the activities that enhance the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind and body. To keep young minds entertained and engaged alike, we host a variety of the extra-curricular activities such as Annual day, Tech fest, Fresher’s party, Star/Celebrity night, Athletic meets, entertaining games, art shows, theatre plays, painting competition.. and many more!

Continuous Expansion

Expansion being the relentless process of RIMT, it’s imparting education amidst the sprawling expanses, most desired infrastructure for education and open spaces that make continuous expansion a non-stop process at RIMT. At the end of the day, it’s wide open spaces and roomy classes that inspire.

Higher Goals

At RIMT, it’s just a beginning. As the students and faculty from across the world are joining us and strengthening our base, we are consistently furthering our goals with a view to maintain and retain the flow of energy in our veins and brains.

Performance Driven

It’s result that matters to us. And everything that comes in between means secondary to us. This is the reason we keep our fingers crossed and keep looking for way and mean to improve our performance. And needless to say, we have been unfailingly moving forward towards our set performance mark

Understanding Self: Strengths & Weaknesses

At RIMT self analyses is the key to move forward. At regular intervals, we have brainstorming sessions to rejig the given standards and improve upon our strengths. Incessantly improving standards in pedagogy, administration, foreign relations and better job-student ratio are some of the achievements we have had because of our understanding