The DESINNO project aims at establishing innovation capacities in India with the help of improved Design education considering the modern social, economic and business environment.

DESINNO project will contribute in modernization and internationalization of Indian HEIs by the development of improved university courses by following state of the art methodologies in design thinking, sustainability, design research, social innovation etc.

The project is supported by the European Union’s exchange and cooperation programme Erasmus+ for higher education institutions. This international cooperation between higher education institutions of the consortium will facilitate mobility of their faculty and other staff to promote the quality and internationalization of Design education in India.

The project aims at creating and maintaining a link between universities and Industrial businesses by creating a research innovation and training network that will foster innovation and the manufacturing of high value quality products, as well as further cooperation between EU and Indian HEIs.

More specifically, DESINNO project will contribute to the internationalization of the Indian Design Education through the establishment of three Design & Innovation Centres in universities of India. These centres will provide a common ground for:

  • The development of innovative and permanent methods for Research and Design approaches
  • The establishment of cross-sectoral projects for collaboration and co-learning
  • The establishment of Inter-industry projects to facilitate the inclusion of design thinking approaches
  • The development of extreme 
  • Affordability principles for the benefit of the developing nations while taking care of the accessibility and sustainability aspects of design.
  • The development of community-based programs enabling designers, craftsmen and artisans

The modernization and internationalization of Indian HEIs by improving the university design courses that will encompass product and service design by following state of the art methodologies in design thinking, sustainability, design research, social innovation, ethical issues in design, etc. 

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RIMT University is a partnering institute of the DESINNO project.


Design and Innovation Capacity Building in India
Project Nr. 598404‐EPP‐1‐2018‐1‐IN‐EPPKA2‐CBHE‐JP

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2nd International Management Meeting of DESINNO held in RIMT University, India in September.

Desinno Meeting At RIMT
Desinno at RIMT

RIMT University was host for the “2nd International Management Meeting of DESINNO(Design and Innovation Capacity Building in India)” at Mandi Gobindgarh today in which representatives from collaborating universities namely, Brunel University, UK, University of Aegean, Greece, Polimi University Italy, World University of Design, Haryana, IIT Delhi converged at RIMT University Campus to deliberate on the plan to implement the key objectives of the project .“Desinno” is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

1st Capacity Building Session held at Brunel University, London, UK, in Feb- March 2020

Desinno Project

The first capacity building session was held at Brunel University from Feb 24 – Mar 6, 2020. In this program Brunel focused on three major approaches for Higher Education in Design: Cognitive and skill based Approach, Professional Approach and Manufacturing & Technology. The curriculum included presentations, field visits (Central Research Lab and Design Museum etc.), infrastructure tour, design activities, student work critiques, and group discussions. Dr. Busayawan Lam, Brunel University organized a full agenda with her colleagues and industrial partners.

2nd Capacity Building Session virtually held by Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Desinno Project
Desinno Project

The 2nd capacity building programme with Politecnico di Milano was held in virtual mode and explored for the potential of the blended e-learning concepts in design pedagogy. This two-week programme organized by Politecnico di Milano conceptualize the optimum combination of online interactions activities through media tools, gamified learning experience (several challenges and feedbacks), micro learning (learning nuggets) and offline activities via assessments, co-working activities &round table discussions and others.

The training concluded with focus on the concept of “service”, the exploration of tools, methods of the service design, social innovation and digital transformation. The main theme of the training programme was to transfer the knowledge in the relevant design domain, identifying innovative services and activities for the future, so as to establish learning standards as per DESINNO objectives and their utility with the services provided by the new laboratories being established at the Centre of Excellence.

3rd Capacity Building Session virtually held by University of Aegean, Greece

Desinno Project

The 3rd capacity building programme organized by University of Aegean, Greece was held in virtual mode. This 10 days session was concluded with experience of digital system designs such as User Experience/User Interaction design (UX/UI), Human Computer Interface (HCI), 3D reconstruction & printing. It was beautifully explained by Dr. Philip Azariadis and his team with the touch of cultural heritage in addition to futuristic design.


Desinno Activities
Desinno Activities

Project Framework

Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education

Budget: 870,885.00€

Duration: 15/11/2018-14/11/2022

Ref.No.: 598404‐EPP‐1‐2018‐1‐IN‐EPPKA2‐CBHE‐JP

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