School of Architecture & Planning

This program is the first step to become an Architect!

The course will enable you to develop an understanding of Architecture, in addition to learning the core skills required for an Architect and Architectural Design. You will be able to develop a strong grounding in design and communication skills. This is a unique field that combines art and culture, science and technology and even elements of the business. The course basically involves long hours of work in the form of studies, projects and design drawings.


Architects work on

  • Developing ideas with the client

  • Earmarking budgets

  • Assessing the layout of the building and its impact on the local environment

  • Working on building designs and projects

  • Site selection and work in tandem with contractors on site


Career Prospects

The typical companies that hire architectural graduates are from:

  • Construction

  • Real Estate

  • Space Management Consultant

  • Office Space Planner / Building Space Planner

  • Home Decorator

  • Design Consultants/ Designpreneurs /Green Design Consultant

  • Engineering

  • Site selection and work in tandem with contractors on site

After graduation, students can also join a firm or start their own practice as an Architect. The suggestion though is to first work for a firm. This would give them hands-on experience in dealing with clients and to cater their needs and develop an understanding of the work and of the market involved. This knowledge will help them to work independently in the future.