Rules & Regulations

All students on the rolls of the university will observe the following rules & regulations:

  1. Any student indulging in ragging directly/indirectly will be expelled from the University with immediate effect. Legal action including lodging of FIR against such students may also be taken.
  2. All students is required to pay fee to the University within seven days from the commencement of Academic session.
  3. The fee will be accepted only through Cash or Demand Draft drawn in favour of the RIMT University payable at Mandi Gobindgarh. Outstation Cheque/Cash transaction will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  4. Late fee fine will be charged from students who fail to deposit their fee by the stipulated date as per University rules.
  5. Non payment of fee can lead to removal of his/her name from the college rolls.
  6. It will be the responsibility of students to collect all information regarding examination schedule, admit card and result from the respective University school office.
  7. In order to be eligible to appear in any semester examination:
    • All students must submit their examination form duly completed well in time.
    • A student should have attended not less than 75% of the delivered lectures in each prescribed course of theory and practical subject (including workshop training, seminar, project, industrial training etc.
    • A student who fails to meet the above mentioned attendance requirements will not be eligible to appear in the University semester exam.
    • A student detained from any university examination in one subject/all subjects because of attendance shortage, will have to repeat the course of study when that particular subject (s) is/are offered as regular course in the subsequent semester (s).
    • A maximum benefit of 10 per cent in attendance is allowed in case of serious illness, Natural Disasters etc.
  8. Any change in the correspondence address/contact no. must be intimated to the office of Student Section.
  9. All students are advised to behave honorably on the campus and desist from wearing unbecoming clothes. Uniform is a mandatory requirement in some schools of the University.
  10. Use of mobile phones in the Academic Area i.e. Labs and Class rooms is strictly prohibited. Any student who uses his/her mobile phone in prohibited areas will be fined. Repetition of the offence may lead to more fine and even forfeiture of the mobile phone.
  11. A student is required to observe the rules of University in force/amended from time to time. Any case of indiscipline/misbehaviour with staff will invite disciplinary action which may even lead to expulsion from the University depending upon the seriousness of offence.
  12. While undergoing industrial training, students shall abide by the rules and regulation of that industry/ organization at which they are undergoing training.
  13. If any student causes damage to the University property, he/she will be fined five times the value of the damaged property. Repetition of offence may lead to expulsion from the University.
  14. A student will not use the Transport Facility of University without paying the requisite fee and valid Bus Pass. Violators will be fined as per University rules.
  15. Students are advised to maintain discipline in the buses as instructed by the respective bus coordinator.
  16. Transport fee for full year will be charged even if a student leaves the transport facility in between the sessions.
  17. Ignorance of the rules and regulations of the University will not be entertained as an excuse, in case of any violation.
  18. Every student will apply for refund of security within three months after declaration of the result of the final semester. If any student does not apply for refund within stipulated time, the same will be utilized for the welfare of the students.

Library Rules :

Conditions for Use of the Library :

  1. The Librarian shall issue a Library Card to each authorized user.
  2. The authorized users shall be required to produce Library Card as and when needed by the Library staff.
  3. In case of loss of Library Card, the student shall report about the same to the Librarian immediately
  4. Library Card is not transferable.

Borrowing Facility:

  1. The timings of borrowing the books from library will be as per the schedule given by the Library Management Committee.
  2. While returning and borrowing books, students are expected to come in queue and get served one by one, without creating any noise and disturbance.
  3. Every student is entitled to borrow three books at a time for duration of 15 days. Students who fail to return the books on due date, are liable to be charged a fine of Rs. 5/- per day, per book.
  4. Students are not expected to scribble or make noting or marking on the books or tear-off pages from the books. The students shall be charged the percentage of damage as compared to the price of the book.
  5. The Librarian has the authority to recall any book before the due date.
  6. A borrower who loses an item shall be charged the item itself.
  7. Certain books may not be allowed to borrow. Such books shall be indicated by not for issue stamp on the individual item or by being placed in a particular section of Library from where borrowing is not allowed.

Conduct in the Library:

  1. Talking and consumption of food & drinks is prohibited.
  2. Students are not expected to bring any personal reading material inside the library.
  3. The use of Mobile phone is strictly prohibited. Violators will be fined as per University rules.
  4. The Library accepts no responsibility for personal belongings left or lost in the Library building.

Rules & Regulations for Hostellers

  1. Day Scholars/outsiders are not allowed in the hostel. If any day scholar is found in the hostel, he will be fined along with the hosteller, as per University rules.
  2. Drugs/smoking/alcohol/fire arms/weapons are strictly prohibited inside the hostel. If any student is found in the possession of the same, he will be fined or expelled from the hostel or both as decided by Hostel Warden.
  3. All students are expected to preserve the hostel property. In case of damage, student is liable to face disciplinary action in addition to recovery of the damage caused to the property.
  4. Before leaving the hostel for overnight absence, girls must get the movement slip signed from the warden and deposit the duly signed (by parent/guardian) slip with the Hostel Warden, on return.
  5. During academic hours, no student will stay back in the hostel. In case of serious illness, prior permission from the hostel warden must be taken. Violators will be fined as per University rules.
  6. One night stay will be allowed only to parents. Other relatives will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.
  7. Hostel attendance timings will be 9:15 pm to 9:45 pm. Failure to report for attendance will accrue a fine as per University rules
  8. Mutual interchanging of rooms is not allowed without prior permission of the hostel warden.
  9. Entry to different rooms should be very limited.
  10. If any student indulges in theft or misdemeanor he will be fined or expelled from the hostel or both.
  11. Outing may be allowed once in a week, with the permission of hostel warden.
  12. Before leaving the hostel room, it must be ensured that the lights and fans are switched off.
  13. The students will maintain perfect discipline in the hostel.
  14. Mess timings notified from time to time shall be followed strictly.
  15. Room heater/Water heater/Electric iron & Hot plate etc are not allowed.
  16. Playing of stereo, TV & radio is not permitted at any place other than the common room.
  17. After the allotment, applications for withdrawal from the hostel should be countersigned by the Parents/guardian and submitted to the Hostel Warden. Such an application should be submitted only after hostel dues have been cleared, normally after even semester exams.
  18. Even if the hostler has actually vacated his room, he/she will have to pay all the outstanding hostel dues and fines upto the day he/she continues to be on the rolls, until his/her name is formally struck off.
  19. A hostler may be expelled from the hostel by the Principal, if he/she is in the habit of staying away without permission or is found guilty of misconduct or indiscipline.
  20. No hostler shall be allowed to stay in hostel if his/her hostel fee and mess dues are pending.
  21. Students who do not clear their dues, of hostel/mess/canteen/fine etc. by the prescribed date, will not be registered for the subsequent semester until they clear all their dues and get 'No Dues'. The cases of students who are to leave the college after completing their degree will be withheld till all the dues are cleared.
  22. No hostler shall leave the hostel without personally handing over the charge of the room. Loss, if any, will be made good from him/her.
  23. Hostel fee will be charged semester wise but for full year. This fee is charged for full year even if a student leaves the hostel facility in between the session.

Fees Refund Rules

Generally No Refund of fee is permitted on account of withdrawal/absence from college or other reasons once a student is admitted to any course of study.

  1. A refund claim may, however, be admitted on merits after due consideration of the request by the authorities. If approved, the amount to be refunded shall be within the limits stated below.
    • Any time after admission, but 10 days before the date of commencement of classes: 100% tuition fees, excluding the processing fees of Rs. 1000
    • Anytime thereafter and within 7 days from the date of commencement of classes: 50% of the tuition fees
    • After 7 days from the date of commencement of classes : no refund.
  2. In all cases where the student has been admitted to the courses after the commencement of classes through the waiting list or otherwise, the number of days specified above will be reckoned from the date of “ commencement of classes” and not from the date of their actual admission.
  3. Refund of Hostel Fee will also be done in similar manner.
    • If a student withdraws before the commencement of classes, only Rs. 1,000/- will be deducted as processing charges and balance shall be refunded.
    • If a student withdraws anytime after the commencement of classes, then complete hostel fee shall be forfeited.
  4. All refunds will be processed upon receiving the application in the prescribed format and duly acknowledged by the Administrative Officer (AO) mentioning the date of receipt of application.
    Alternately, the application can also be submitted by e-mail to AO through student's registered e-mail ID ONLY. Refund will be made only after the candidate has surrendered the ID card, Original fee receipt and the dues clearance certificate.

The refund information given above is indicative only and University reserves the right to make changes. Any changes in the above will be informed separately.

Application and Registration Fees once remitted shall not be refunded under any circumstances.