PG Diploma in Questioned Document & Fingerprint Examination

The course is designed to train the individual on Questioned Document & Fingerprint Examination. Since documents are part of daily life, number of cases related to document examination is encountered. Forensic document examiners are called to investigate the authenticity of documents in situations such as: forgeries, counterfeiting, identity theft, fraud, suicides, homicides, bank robberies, kidnappings, extortion, stalking, contested wills, contested contracts, medical malpractice, title/deed lawsuits. Fingerprint Science is one of the very primitive disciplines, which has been used by the human civilization since ages. This discipline is considered very reliable and accurate due to the principles of individuality, uniqueness and permanence, which are the factors on which this entire science rests.

Eligibility and admission

Bachelor Degree in Science/Forensic Science/Medicine/Engineering/Pharmacy

Curriculum highlights

The students will be taught the fundamentals of the handwriting science, the science of handwriting is a nuero-muscular task which involves a proper co-ordination of brain with the muscles. It is due to this fact that-one can copy one’s writing, but this cannot be done with cent-percent accuracy, efficiency and perfection. Even in case of monozygotic/ identical twins, who share similar appearances and genetic structures do not bear the same handwriting.

Semester I

  • General Forensic Science
  • Elements of Questioned Documents Examination
  • Fundamentals of Fingerprint Examination
  • General English
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Practical Based on Questioned Documents Examination

Semester II

  • Criminalistics
  • Advanced Questioned Documents Examination
  • Advanced Finger prints Examination
  • Elements of law
  • Environmental Studies
  • Practical Based on Fingerprints Examination

The programme is of 1 years, spread across 2 semesters. During each semester, students will face different sets of theoretical subjects as well as practical workshops along with laboratory sessions.

The wide range of courses under Forensic Science provide students to work with a variety of job sectors such as crime branch, police departments, quality control bureau, detective agencies and law firms. Some of the job profiles after the successful completion of PG Diploma course are Forensic Scientist, Forensic Expert and Forensic Investigator etc.

Program Fee (Per Semester) Amount
Semester Fee 25000

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