PG Diploma in Cyber Forensic

Cyber forensic is the application of science to questions that are of interest to the legal system. Cyber forensics is the analysis of computers and other types of digital media to determine if they have been used for illegal or unauthorized activities, or if they are the "victims" of illegal attacks. Business and industry use digital forensics to gather internal information regarding intellectual property theft, fraud, network and computer intrusions, and unauthorized use of computers and other digital media including fax machines, answering machines, personal data assistants, cell phones, etc. to assist in employee termination, and both civil and criminal litigation.

Eligibility and admission

Bachelor Degree in Science/Forensic Science/Medicine/Engineering/Pharmacy

Curriculum highlights

The course will provide you a solid foundation of the theoretical and practical aspects of the different dimensions of cyber security, such as network security, software security, system security measures and models, information.

Semester I

  • Elements of Computer Forensics and Mobile forensics
  • General Forensic Science
  • General English
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science and IT act 2000
  • Practical Based on Digital Evidence Seizure/Acquisition for Mobile Forensics and Computer Forensics

Semester II

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Forensics, Biometrics and Networking
  • Criminalistics
  • Elements of Law
  • Environmental Studies
  • Practical Based on Cyber Forensics

The programme is of 1 years, spread across 2 semesters. During each semester, students will face different sets of theoretical subjects as well as practical workshops along with laboratory sessions.

The program would lead to employment opportunities in the Cyber Security function of various industries & sectors. It would also help the students attain additional qualification to gain employment opportunities across various job roles and functions in national & international organizations. The program has been developed through inputs from the industry and experts in the field.

Program Fee (Per Semester) Amount
Semester Fee 25000

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