• Munafa Bazar Event Organized By RIMT University
  • Singing Competition RIMT Munafa Bazar Competition 2017
  • Dance Competition at RIMT University in Munafa Bazar Event
  • Eatery Stalls in RIMT at Munafa Bazar Event
  • RIMT University Munafa Bazar Event 2017
  • RIMT Modeling Competition at Munafa Bazar Event 2017
  • Modeling Activities at Munafa Bazar Event 2017 in RIMT
  • Singing Activities at Munafa Bazar Event 2017
  • Student Perform at Annual Festival of RIMT University
  • RIMT Student Activities at Munafa Bazar Event 2017
  • RIMT University Punjab Annual Festival Event Competition
  • RIMT Dance Group of Girls Perform at Munafa Bazar Event

Munafa Bazar Organized by RIMT University-School of Management Studies.


RIMT UNIVERSITY- School of management studies organized Manafa Bazaar. Students from different colleges of RIMT university participated in various events like dance, modeling, singing and many more.

Students also organized various games and eatery stalls on theme of “Retun on Investment”. Participants and audience both enjoyed to the fullest. Dean academics Dr. Satish menon appreciated the team effort of faculty and students.