Greetings! I am immensely pleased to welcome you to RIMT University.

This is a significant time for the institution, a time of transition in the institution at various levels. Transitions, however, have a wonderful quality about them in that they provide opportunities for reflection, recalibration, and renewal. Personally, I am excited to lead RIMT at this rare moment in time. Equally exciting are the series of events and initiatives for which the institution has been actively preparing.

Programmatically, we are glad that many new programmes are being launched. Our international partnerships are growing both in scale and scope.

Even in this climate of transition, one aspect of our conviction that remains immutable is our singular focus on offering the most exceptional learning environment and transformative set of experiences to students. In such vein, our efforts to deepen a global mindset in our students continue with fervour in a many ways. We are committed to preparing future citizen-leaders who will have the character and the capacity to meet societal expectations and make a difference in the communities they inhabit.

To the prospective student: I hope you will explore the wide array of academic programme offerings we have to offer and the exceptional calibre of the faculty that will be guiding your academic journey if you desire to come here. You will find an intellectually challenging environment where your professors mentor you and support your efforts to meet the high standards of the classroom and reach excellence. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities that hone your leadership skills abound in many forms.

Much of success is about becoming the best representation of yourself – RIMT with you in this endeavour. I hope you will make an informed decision and choose RIMT University as your academic destination.

With best wishes for a bright future!