MA (Political Science)

MA (Political Science) is a postgraduate Political Science course. It is a two years programme and includes a comprehensive and thorough study of Political Science as a discipline at an advanced level. MA (Political Science) course involves the study of the theory and practice of politics and description and analysis of political system and political behaviour. It also covers study of both national and international political systems, historical and modern political systems, public administration, governmental policies and procedures, international relations and public affairs. The study of this field includes topics such as Principles of Political Science, Indian Political System, Major Governments of the World, International Relations, etc. The course provides widespread career scopes to the candidates.

Eligibility and admission

Passed Graduation in respective or allied subjects with 50% aggregate marks.

Curriculum highlights

  • Western Political Thought (From Plato to Hegel)
  • Contemporary Political Theory
  • Research Methodology
  • Ancient Indian Political Thought
  • Practical Work/Exercise
  • Political Sociology
  • Political Thinking Since Marx
  • Comparative Politics
  • Indian Constitutional System
  • Indian Constitutional System
  • Practical Work/Exercise
  • Public Administration
  • International Politics
  • Politics in India
  • Modern Indian Political Thought
  • Practical Work/Exercise
  • Concept and Issue in Political Science
  • Post Cold War International Relations
  • State Politics with Special Reference to Punjab
  • Indian Administration 5 Dissertation and Viva Voce

The 2 years programme is spread across 4 semesters.

MA (Political Science) degree serves as a basis for further higher studies and research in this field such as Ph.D and M.Phil. Degree in Political Science. On successful completion, students can apply for the UGC-NET or JRF exam; the success in these exams makes teaching or research as good options. Law schools are a very common destination now-a-days for recent post graduates in Political Science. MA (Political Science) degree also provides a scope for a student to become a political analyst. Employment areas are government agencies, public relations departments, colleges and universities, diplomacy, public policy organisations, embassies, intelligence wings, politics and social work organisations. Typical job profiles are budget analysts, campaign organisors, budget examiners, public opinion analysts, corporate social policy issues analysts, legislative analysts, corporate public affairs advisors, legislative coordinators, political scientists, corporation legislative issues managers, lobbyists, political commentators and state legislators.

Program Fee (Per Semester) Amount
Semester Fee 15700
Scholarship Category A 6280
Scholarship Category B 9420
Scholarship Category C 12560

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