Literary Activities

The literary activities at RIMT have been envisioned as a forum for students to discuss and pursue their literary interests freely.

RIMT University believes that the study of literature is a practical discipline. Furthermore, it involves reading poems, stories, plays, novels, and essays, thinking about them, discussing them, and writing about them, all cultivating other important abilities that make it an indispensable part of university education.

Literary activities pay dividends far beyond the practical ones resulting from increased verbal ability. It is the provider of many other important intellectual gifts. Reading literature increases students’ knowledge in an active, intellectually challenging way that other more passive activities, such as watching television cannot do. A thorough grounding in literature automatically

provides knowledge of the literary heritage while at the same time increasing awareness of cultural values, history, sociology, psychology, and almost every branch of human knowledge. Literary activities expand the capacity to sympathize with other human beings, enhance ability to see and imagine human complexity, and broaden the intellectual horizons of students by enlarging power to experience life vicariously. It develops skills for discerning aesthetic principles and deepens abilities to take pleasure in the written word.

Literary activities preserve and stimulate the imagination of students at RIMT.