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Life At Rimt

Driven by a strong inclination to assign the futuristic parameters to given standards of education, RIMT is on a mission to make students reach the most suitable and appropriate junction.

The words mentioned above remains to be the core idea of the entire rigmarole of the innovative study patterns, course-frames, support to students, extra-curricular activities, games, exhibitions and an endless process of learning. This is the reason why RIMTians never miss the target when it comes to achieving success in the due course their life. Come, experience the different strokes of life and view the world in a new light of success! With sports, fun, exhibitions, outings, events, fests and a lot more, we have this inclination to offer them the best.

Student Studying at Campus, College Students Having Fun

Our experienced dedicated & committed faculty, polished administration, refined rules & regulations and progressive mindsets create a positive aura around. In sync with today’s education trends, we have redefined the highest norms in favor of the students.

We understand that analytical mindsets of students have aspiration to go beyond the set boundaries. and, we have stayed there besides them throughout their stay at RIMT, with all our eggs in the same basket, to guide them through to their respective goals.

RIMT Hostel Images, Students Hostel life at RIMT

Hostel Life

RIMT is dedicated to ensuring that students enjoy good life & highest standard on-campus accommodation...Read More
RIMT Basketball Court, Basketball Player


Education at RIMT isn’t confined to the programmes a student selects; the endeavour is to aid in the overall development of every student...Read More
RIMT College in Mandi Gobindgarh

Mandi GobindGarh

Mandi Gobindgarh is a historical town and a municipality in Fatehgarh Sahib District of Indian Punjab. This town is famous for historical Gurudwaras and a large number of forging and foundry units.
Fest and Events at RIMT University

Fest & Events

Cheering life and partaking in the joys, all fests and events at the RIMT campus welcome students to a grand celebration...Read More
College Girls Group, Academic Life of RIMT Students


The academic life of RIMT students’ is rich. They have opportunities to engage in meaningful activities, and their interaction with professors is lively and thoughtful.
Campus Tour at RIMT, Educational Tours at RIMT

Education Tour

How can students change the world if they don’t understand it? Participating in global and Indian educational tours is...Read More
RIMT Staff Campfire at Night


The RIMT Campfire is a gathering of students, faculty, staff and alumni to enjoy amidst nature. It features dinner, beverages (non-alcoholic), music, races, various competitions and other activities.
Fashion Show Events, Fashion Show at RIMT

Fashion Show

A major highlight of RIMT is Fashion Shows. Every time, spectacular student designs wow packed audiences as bewitching designs come down the runway.
RIMT Conference Hall, Literary activities at RIMT

Literary Activities

The Literary activities at RIMT have been envisioned as a forum for students to discuss and pursue their literary interests freely...
Practical knowlegde of Engineering, Industrial Visit at RIMT

Industrial Visits

Industrial/sectoral visit is a part of the curriculum in professional programmes at RIMT, during which students visit companies and get insight in the internal working environment of a company...Read More