Education for Life: Enriching Positively

Education is a formative and humanizing process through which an individual's body, mind and character are build, strengthened and his/ her all round personality development is enabled. Education is also a means for transformation of accumulated knowledge, values and skills to make individual capable, competent and wise to meet the challenges of life and evolve into a productive global citizen.

The contribution of higher education in generating specialized intellectual human capital is both important and immense in the economic growth of a nation. Hence, it is rightly regarded as the "engine of growth and development in the new world economy" (Diener & Patterson, 2011). Further, the contributions of the institutions of higher education in the creation of high order thinking skills nurtures creativity and innovation that adds to employment competence, improved productivity and enhanced global competitive capabilities.

However, being multifaceted higher education needs continuous quality upgradation as it encompasses opening of new vistas of learning, academic restructuring and enriching of human capital. This in turn necessitates structural adjustments, resource mobilization, faculty improvement & development, reorientation of curriculum, multimedia approach to teaching, emphasis on research and the optimum utilization of resources and much more.

The visionary leadership at RIMT University nurtures this imaginative thought and carries forward the sacred duty that experts and wise elders have always held, that is, to chisel the next generation as they seek to learn the knowledge and skills required to achieve acceptance, respect and success in shaping a good life in the world in which they live.

The source of inspiration for this process is embedded in the mission statement of RIMT University “Education for Life” which positively enriches the major stakeholder –“the students”.

The management and administrators at RIMT University recognize the intricacies of the issues of imparting higher education and is adopting multiple measures along many dimensions to support this cause and mobilizing substantial resources of sanguinity, partnership, creativeness, emotional intelligence, motivation and relational skills.

This will surely help students mitigate the uncertainties of choosing a desired career option, achieve personal competence and turn threats into opportunities for growth, development and sustainable adaptability to change.