BA (Hons) Economics

BA Hons (Economics) is an undergraduate Economics programme. Economics generally covers the study of principles of economic theory, micro- and macroeconomics, comparative economic systems, money and banking systems, international economics, quantitative analytical methods, applications to specific industries and public policy issues. This degree programme focuses on the systematic study of the production, distribution, conservation and allocation of limited resources and in conditions of scarcity in the society, together with the organisational frameworks related to these processes.

Eligibility and admission

Passed 10+2 in any stream

Curriculum highlights

  • Microeconomics and Indian Economy
  • Mathematical Methods for Economics
  • Economic Theory
  • Macroeconomics and International Trade
  • Statistical Methods for Economists
  • Money and Financial Systems
  • Development Problems and Policies
  • Indian Economy since Independence
  • Economic Systems
  • Public Finance
  • Comparative Economic Development

The duration of the programme is three years, with six semesters.

The greatest scope after doing BA (Economics Hons) is that it not only makes students eligible but also gives them a fairly better chance to qualify the Indian Civil Services exams. The programme prepares students for a wide variety of careers dealing with the flow of money, from accountant to investment banker, money manager to personal finance consultant. Employment areas are various corporate sectors (marketing and accounts sections), finance, commerce and the banking sectors, research associates with economic consulting firms, economic consulting jobs, customs department, import/export companies, civil services, agricultural economics & econometrics. Typical job profiles include economists, accountants, investment analysts, business analysts, marketing managers, corporate analysts, financial analysts, investment bankers, market analysts, operations managers, personal finance consultants, money managers and securities analysts.

Program Fee (Per Semester) Amount
Semester Fee 15700

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