MANDI GOBINDGARH, 17 March, 2019

RIMT University had won a mandate to undertake a project named “DESINNO” – Design and Capacity building in India, co-funded by ERASNUS+ Programme of the European Union. The project entails the creation of three self sustaining “Centers of Excellence” in India including one at RIMT University to disseminate quality education in Design and Innovation through creation of internationally acceptable curriculum for value addition of all the stakeholders, namely, Students, Universities, Industry and the Nations.

The “Kick Off” meeting of the project was attended by Dr Rajiv Kumar Maheshwary, Dean, School of Management & Commerce at Athens, Greece between 12th to 15th March 2019. University of Aegean was the host University wherein the agenda of the project was finalized and the timeline for the activities and responsibilities freezed. The consortium members cherished the valuable inputs made by him and he will undertake primary and secondary research in India to establish the gaps in Design and Innovation curriculum and revise it to align it with the curriculum taught by the best in the design centers across the globe.

It was a wonderful experience to work with the best of faculty of some of the premier Universities of the World.

RIMT University offers the best of educational experience in Engineering & Technology, Architecture, Management, Commerce, Applied and Basic Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Paramedical, Legal Studies, Fashion Design, Mass Media and Journalism, Fine Arts & Design, Hospitality Management, Paramedical, Humanities and others. The efforts of the University have been appreciated and recognized by International bodies that offer grants to accelerate and propagate quality education in futuristic courses to achieve sustainable development goals for community at large.

Dr Hukm Chand Bansal, Chancellor and Mr. Vijayant Bansal Chairman of RIMT University were pleased that the European Union body ERASMUS has recognized the effort and contributions made by the University by selecting them for this coveted task. Dr A S Chawla the Vice Chancellor opined that the strong academic discourse at the University has made it the most preferred center for education in a short span of time.